Is the appraisal confidential?

In keeping with the policies of the American Society of Appraisers and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, the report names those who are intended to see and use the report. Anyone not referenced will not be given access without explicit permission from the party or parties employing the appraiser.

What is “intended use” and why must I divulge it to the appraiser?

"Intended use" references what the appraisal will be used to accomplish. The same artwork can have several different values depending on the client's intended use of the appraisal. For example, if the goal is to achieve a document to satisfy an insurance claim, the insurance policy will specify the type of value required as of the date of loss. The type of value is associated with a corresponding market level. Knowledge of the appropriate market level guides the appraiser to review relevant comparables.

Where are you located? Do you travel?

The appraiser’s Fine Art as well as American Indian Arts appraisal services are based in Phoenix, Arizona. When traveling outside the Phoenix metropolitan area, an additional fee of $100 per hour is incurred. Related travel expenses (airline tickets, shuttles, taxis, rental cars, lodging, meals) are borne by the client, as are fees used to pay outside experts and for scientific tests (if needed).

What can I expect from the appraisal process?

An initial inspection of the art in person by the appraiser is necessary. Following the inspection, a retainer of approximately 50 percent of the appraisal fee will be collected. There will then be a period of time in which the appraiser conducts research in order to qualitatively rank each property. After that, the market’s response to each item is investigated. All values are keyed to the date consistent with the appraisal report’s intended use.

How much does the appraisal cost?

For those seeking Fine Art or American Indian Arts appraisal services locally, the appraiser’s hourly rate is $300 per hour. Travel time is billed at $100 per hour, if the appraisal client is outside the Phoenix metropolitan area. There may also be additional consultation fees paid to outside experts.

How long will it take to complete the appraisal?

Unfortunately, gauging the amount of time an appraisal will take varies with each assignment. Please be aware that if there is any question of an item’s authenticity, this can delay the report’s completion.

Does the art have to be seen in person?

Yes, art must be viewed by the appraiser in person. Appraisals have two key roles. Both condition and value are cited by a disinterested party (the appraiser), as of a specific date. An affirmation of condition mandates inspection in person. Items no longer in existence through fire, theft, etc. can be valued in what is called a hypothetical appraisal.

What types of art does Corinne appraise?

Please view our What we Appraise page for more information on this.